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The Buzzfeedization of Headlines – The Influencers with Jay Baer (Part 2)

April 21, 2014 In part 2 of this episode of The Influencers, Jay Baer,  President of Marketing Consultancy at…

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Ads That Engage Past 30-Seconds

January 31, 2014 By Mira Blumenthal @mirablu and Julie Geller @JulieGeller Tweets, Vines, Snapchats – there’s a lot of…


5 Content Marketing Rules Jay Baer Got Right

March 14, 2014 Written by the team @apexpr. Originally published on March 13 2014. On February 27th, we…


Webinar Recording: The 4 Dimensions of Effective Crisis Management

April 3, 2014 Are you ready to deal with a PR crisis? Tune in to hear Scott Thomson, National…